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At Inventex Inc we have an incredible inventory of genuine ventilation parts. From kitchen hoods to air exchangers to bathroom fans or even central vacuums, we have it all.

It happends everyday that someone comes into Inventex in desperation because they been running around to multiple stores and no one has there part, until they met us.

Whether you need filters / circuit boards / grills / motors / blades / switches / light covers etc.

Even if what your looking for is 30+ years old or the manufacturer doesnt exist anymore, we have it. We have such a vast inventory that we can make anything work.


Have an Air exchanger or kitchen fan or air exchanger  that needs parts replaced? Our in-shop technicien can bring anything back to life. With 30+ years of  knowledge, there isn't anything we cant fix.

We ship worldwide

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"LORD" MOUNT COLEMAN # 611518 Coleman General + Details
1/2" HUB FOR FAN # NOYEUX1/2 General + Details
10 MFD 370V CAPACITOR # 2406 General + Details
120V MOTOR C/W BLOWER ASS. # 9413 General + Details
120V MOTOR MOD.P5,HO50400,500 RANGE MAS # 1766 Venmar General + Details
120V MOTOR MOD:AK863L # 210951000 Air King General + Details
120V REPLACEMENT MOTOR # J020 General + Details
120V REPLACEMENT MOTOR LOREN COOK # GC420 Loren Cook General + Details
165W CCW MOTOR MOD CONNAISSEUR VENMAR # 3457 Venmar General + Details
2 POSITION LIGHT SW MOD:EW,ED, EP,EM, * # E252577 Electrohome General + Details
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