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Inventex Inc. is the only distributor of components in the canadian electrical industry. With, we want to be the leader in North-America.

Since the very beginning, Inventex has used leading edge technology to build a database capable of providing the information you need, on demand. New information technology is our next step in this line of thoughts. provides you with a searchable database easy to navigate through with lots of information (displayed in pictures, diagram, explosion views or easy to understand texts) on our products. You will find on this site articles of related publications and different useful links and tools.

The Internet allows us to quickly interact with our customers and one of the specific service accessible from is the possibility for us, upon request, to send you a picture or a full description of a part. You can always be sure that you are ordering the right component.


Our expertise

Inventex Inc. is proud of its team ! For the last three decades, we have developed an unbuyable expertise on genuine replacement parts for our line of products. The Internet is our favorite tool to share that expertise with the professional world of electrical industries.

Are electrical components' giving you a headache ? Let us introduce Mister Bernard Marquis - our human database.