Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What's Inventex Inc. about ?

Inventex inc. is a unique model of components distributor since we only distribute genuine replacement parts (for nine different product lines), but no finished goods. You can save money by repairing an electrical apparatus instead of changing it, but beware : use only genuine replacement parts !

2. Why should I buy genuine replacement parts ?

It's a security matter. When you don't use a genuine replacement part, you're modifying your apparatus instead of repairing it. Don't play with electrical appliances.

3. What's about ? is your personal Inventex branch. Our site is in constant evolution, with one major objective : providing you with a complete database filled with all the information you need ! Looking for a part ? Don't look further !

4. And if I don't know the part number ?

Check your apparatus brand, it's quite often equivalent to the manufacturer name. You'll then be able to make a search, whether by line of product or by manufacturer. If you still cannot find the part you need, send us an email or give us a call !

5. Two parts have the same basic qualifications...

Don't know which one to choose ? Send us a email, we will send you pictures and the complete description for that part so you can order the part(s) you really looking need. These request are usually processed within the hou

6. About filters for kitchen range hoods...

Inventex provides you with a large variety of kitchen range hood filters. To help you find the model you need, we're offering you a search engine that uses dimensions of your filter to find the model number you're looking for. If we don't have any model to serve your need : we will gladly build it for you !

7. How often should I change my kitchen range hood filter(s) ?

Depending on your cooking habits, change your filter at least twice a year. If you're cooking a lot of fried food, think about replacing your filter every three months. Order two at the same time, so you can save on transportation fees !

8. How can I clean my filter ?

Most aluminum models can be cleaned in the dishwasher with regular dish soap.

9. It's been a long time since I had to work with that part...

You're not sure about how to install the part you just ordered ? Send us an email. It's been a long time but our specialist will send you all the details you need (info, diagrams, etc.). Don't be shy, you won't be the first !

10. I'm selling some of Inventex's products, I want a deal !

Send us an email, we'll tell you who to contact at Inventex Inc. to have your request considered.

11. I have a problem ? ? ?

Send us an email or call our toll free 800 number. Remember that, behind, there's the Inventex team