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Introduction to genuine parts notion

When you repair an electrical apparatus : use only genuine parts.

Cost in real-estate maintenance is now so high that it is clearly a good choice to replace a defective part instead of changing the complete apparatus. But beware, many appartment building owners found themselves in a bad position ; for example, you can lose part or all of your insurance indemnity simply because you didn't choose a genuine replacement part.

CSA / UL monograms point out that a product, a procedure or a service is conform to the standards of the association. If you don't replace your defective component by a genuine replacement part, your apparatus is no longer certified CSA / UL , which could mean that you are no longer insured at all. When you are not using a genuine replacement part, you are modifiying instead of repairing your electrical apparatus.

A complete article on the subject is online, see Resources / Articles.