Emergency Lighting

If you can't find the part you're looking for, contact us to get help from a member of our team.

We stock genuine parts for all types of emergency lighting. ex: Batteries, electronic boards, lights etc..

When trying to find the main electronic board, you either need the make and model of the unit or the numbers stamped on the board itself.

Information needed to find the battery you require is knowing the voltage (V) and amps per hour (AH)

Example: 12v7.2AH

We ship worldwide

Don't know what part your looking at? e-mail us a picture at info@inventex.com

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120V 12V CHARGEUR 2 RED LED LUMACEL # 9902 Emergi-Lite Charger + Details
AUXILIARY BOARD LUMACELL # 29339 Emergi-Lite Inverter + Details
BATTERY 12V 30 A.H. # 8600024 Battery + Details
BATTERY 6V 12 A.H. # 8600010 Battery + Details
BATTERY 6V 5 A.H. # 8800006 Battery + Details
BATTERY 6V 5 A.H. # 8600004 Battery + Details
BATTERY 6V 7.2 A.H. # 8600018 Battery + Details
CHARGER 120V.650W LUMACELL # 19728 Emergi-Lite Charger + Details
CHARGER 12V MOD.12MSL360 # 19730 Lumacell Charger + Details
CHARGER 24 VOLTS EMERGILITE # 19695 Emergi-Lite Charger + Details
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