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If you can't find the part you're looking for, contact us to get help from a member of our team.

At Inventex Inc we have all the genuine hand dryer parts you need.

Hand dryers are used in all commercial bathrooms. People tend to be rough with them, and they break. Thats where we come in.

At Inventex we offer in-shop repair service for all hand dryers. We have been repairing hand dryers for 20+ years and the cost of repair versus buying a new one is always well worth it.

Finding required info:

The brand is always written on the face of the hand dryer, and the model is always on a sticker at the back of the hand dryer.

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Item's name Code Manufacturer Type of product  
AJUSTABLE TIMER ASSY 120/240V # 55625 General + Details
ALLEN KEY NOVA # 5034 Nova General + Details
BLOWER FAN 5" NOVA # 5013 Nova General + Details
CIRCUIT BOARD NOVA # 5568 Nova General + Details
CIRCUIT BREAKER NOVA # 5215 Nova General + Details
CONTROL ASS'Y 120V.MOD.XLERAT OR EXCEL # EX30086 Excel General + Details
CONTROL ASS'Y 120V.TO 277V. XLERATOR # EX40102 Excel General + Details
COVER BOLT WRENCH # 204TP Nova General + Details
DETECTOR ASS'Y C/W PC BOARD K4 120V NO # 055656120K4 General + Details
DETECTOR ASS'Y C/W PC BOARD K4 230V NO # 055656230K4 General + Details
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