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We have an incredible inventory of genuine parts for electric heating. In the heating domain, Inventex is a name thats known worldwide. Whether you have a +/- 30 year old electric heating unit we have it all.

Older heaters/furnaces were built with quality. Why replace a unit because it needs a part? If the unit has always treated you well over the years, return the favor. Installing genuine parts at a fraction of the cost of the unit, is always worth it. Had a motor let go after 25 years? buy a new one and go another 25 years.


  • Have a heating unit that needs some TLC? Our in-shop technicien can repair ANY heating unit. Whether it be a small wall heater or a massive 200 kilowatt commercial heater, we can fix it.
  • Inventex is one of the only companies to offer duct heater element replacement.

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Element / Motor / Contactor / Transformer / fuse / relay / Cut out / circuit board / sequencer / thermostat

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Manufacturer: Chromalox

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By entering all the info above it returned 3 results. Within the results it states which unit the elements are installed in and the wattages. Make a selection.

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Item's name Code Manufacturer Type of product  
CUT-OUT FOR WATER HEATER # HL190 Chromalox Elem. Immersion + Details
ELEMENT 6000W 240V 11 1/4"LG. 1"N.P.T. # 10640-51 Caloritech Elem. Immersion + Details
ELEMENT 6000W 240V 21"LG. 1"N.P.T. # 10640-48 Caloritech Elem. Immersion + Details
GASKET FOR SQUARE ELEMENT SERIE 106 # 18G0002 Usines Giant Inc Elem. Immersion + Details
IMM.ELEM.6KW 347V.1"NON TAPERED INCOLOY # 23-315 Elem. Immersion + Details
IMM.ELEMENT 3000W 240V 11 1/4 #79 RHEEM # 23402 Rheem Elem. Immersion + Details
IMM.ELEMENT 3000W 240V 11 1/4 RESSISTOR # AP10552JL3 Rheem Elem. Immersion + Details
IMM.ELEMENT 3800W 240V 13"LG. #81 RHEEM # 23403 Rheem Elem. Immersion + Details
IMM.ELEMENT 3800W 240V S.S. 13"LG. # AP10869RL5 Rheem Elem. Immersion + Details
IMM.ELEMENT 4500W 240V 13 1/4"LG. # AP10552ML3 Rheem Elem. Immersion + Details
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