Electronic air filters

If you can't find the part you're looking for, contact us to get help from a member of our team.

We have all the genuine parts needed to repair your electronic air cleaner, whether it be the filters or even the main control board in the power pack.

Electronic air filters play a crucial part of our homes air quality. These units do require maintenance on your part. Every few months you should remove the pre-filters and the electronic cells and thoroughly clean them. When your pre-filters start falling apart you must replace them. If your electronic filters does not come clean (aluminium colored) they need a true chemical based cleaning, which we offer. By keeping up with your maintenance your are tremendously helping your quality of air.

Finding the parts you require:

Pre-filters: If you have the make and model of your unit thats all you need. If you don't,  the exterior dimensions of the filter will be required. ex: 10"x20"x3/8"

Electrical components: You will need the make and model of your unit. ex Manufacturer :Honeywell , Model: F50A


  • Not sure if your unit is working well? Bring both cells and your power pack to Inventex and we will test your unit to assure its functionality.
  • If ever you are not comfortable trying to repair your unit, we offer in-shop repairs. Our technicien has vast knowledge repairing all makes and models.
  • Cant seem to get your electronic filters clean as new? bring them to Inventex as we offer chemical based cleaning. No matter how dirty they are, we assure they will become perfectly clean.

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Item's name Code Manufacturer Type of product  
ALUM.FILTER 9 7/8 X 19 11/16 X 5/16 .F50 # 203373 Honeywell General + Details
ALUMINIUM FILTER MOD F54C 12 X 20 X 5/16 # 192141 Honeywell General + Details
ALUMINIUM FILTER MOD TTM111 10 1/2 X 20 # 123324007 Trion General + Details
ALUMINUM FILTER F70C 12 X 18 1/2 X 3/8 # 272602 Honeywell General + Details
CARBON FILTER 5 X 15 1/8 X 3/8MOD.SAS-11 # 1156 Five Seasons General + Details
CHARCOAL FILTER (REQ.2) 12 X 20 X 3/8 TR # 227833004 Trion General + Details
CHARCOAL FILTER 11X15 1/4 MOD 985A ELECT # 980810 General + Details
CHARCOAL FILTER 12 X 15 # 781010 General + Details
CHARCOAL FILTER 16X20X3/8 MOD SST # F8250466 Emerson General + Details
CHARCOAL FILTER 3 7/8X10 7/8X 5/16"MOD. # 481016 Five Seasons General + Details
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