Genuine replacement parts

Wednesday February 8, 2012

Genuine replacement parts

The high costs of maintenance of buildings obliges us to practice a professional rationalization of our purchases of equipment. Indeed, in the real-estate management and more specifically in the field of the maintenance, you have to limit your spendings as possible by replacing a piece instead of changing an entire system. Nevertheless, for numerous owners of renting buildings, to replace a piece- especially in the electric domain - can contain of great danger; for some, these dangers was translated by a complete loss or half repairs of assurance simply because he/she did not choose a piece that was of its origin.

When a unit of heater is lacking, it is sometimes easy for your service man to change the unit completely. However, the cost connected with this way of behaving can be raised. Indeed, the wall unit is installed for several years and in the summer, painted repeatedly At the same time as the wall on which it is installed.

Result: an additional cost to repaint the wall, the cost of the complete unit and of coarse the cost of the workforce to remove the defective device and install the new device. In a case such as this one, we would have easily been able to verify the device and to discover the defective piece of origin, a heater for example, could be the element, the limiter of high temperature or simply the thermostat. For a few dollars, the unit would have been able to be repaired in the simple cost of the piece and the workforce.

In this article, you noticed that we often speak about the notion of ' pieces and origin ': the importance is considerable, because it allows to keep the 'CSA' of the unit and by this fact of maintaining your assurability.

If a disaster has occured in one of your buildings and if the cause would be a whole heater repaired without having used the original pieces, for example, a limiteur of temperature of 200 degrees F. instead of degrees 165 F., thus a piece which is not made for This device, you would risk not to be (insured) any more. By modifying the device by the addition of a non-corresponding piece, the same device loses by this fact its certification 'CSA'.

The monogram CSA registered trademark of the Canadian Association of normalization indicates that a product, proceeded or service is in accordance with the standard CSA relevant. In case there is no standard CSA, this symbol indicates the correspondence to a standard on which CSA bases its certification.

We live now in a century of recycling, it is very nice. But shouldn`t we not live also a century of wisdom? We do not change inevitably an automobile because it does not have brakes anymore, maybe than it would be the necessary time to make also with our small electric devices...Every building possesses units of heater, ventilators and kitchen and room or bath, air-conditioners, devices can be repaired in most of the cases in a cost considerably less than the cost of replacement.

And for the buildings which converted their system to the bi-energy, it is good to note that these units are generally controlled by electronic modules. They are programs of exchange allowing the specialists to lower the cost of these electronic modules in the neighborhood of 50 percent.
By ending, the best advice which we can give to the owners of rental buildings is unarguably: the preventive maintenance. In many cases, the piece becomes defective because it was badly maintained.

so contribute to increase your spendings!

But where to find pieces of origin?
In Canada, there is a firm specialized in the sale of original pieces. This firm, INVENTEX CPSC ., buys systematically all the pieces which can serve as replacement for all the devices of a electric heater, as air conditioning, or ventilation(breakdown), etc. At this end, it acquiest purposes of inventory, the piece, the production of which is ended or still, pieces that come from bankrupt companies.

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